New York Mentorship

New York Mentorship

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This 3-day mentorship program is designed for individuals who are interested in learning how to consistently trade stocks, crypto, and forex. The program will be held in person in a classroom setting in New York, with a limited class size of less than 20 students to ensure personalized attention.

Over the course of the program, students will learn the essential skills and strategies necessary to improve their trading performance, including how to make better entries and exits and proper risk management techniques. The mentorship will be led by an experienced trader who will share their knowledge and insights gained through years of experience in the industry.

As a bonus, mentorship program students will receive a digital version of the instructor's book for free and 50 percent off the physical book. Additionally, students will be granted access to the instructor's Instagram "close friends" list, where they share private stories and insights.

By the end of the program, students will have gained the skills and knowledge needed to consistently trade stocks, crypto, and forex, and will have made valuable connections in the industry.

Exclusive VIP experience Package - (only for 1 person): After Live Trading is over spend the full day with The Professor until 8pm est. You will have his full attention & ride with him as he is being cheffeured from place to place. You will also get a bomber jacket with The Professor school embelm stitched on it and a T-shirt as well. You will also go out to dinner with just you and The Professor. 

​VIP package. Get 3 emergency video calls with The Professor whenever you need it for 30 minutes.

Customer Reviews

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One Strategy, One Mentor, One God

I was trading for about 2-3 years and followed many well known traders before i started following THE PROFESSOR.! The reason to emphasize is he is the only one who lead me to a right path.! It was a life changing decision for me since i booked my NY mentorship.!

Your struggle won’t stop even after the mentorship, but the journey will have an easy ride. You have his attention where ever you feel you are stuck you have other traders to connect as we all are in a same boat.! This is a valuable add ons we all get.

Anyone who is reading this and having questions if you should pay this much for a mentorship if it is worth it or not, i had same questions i did reached out to other traders as well so you are not alone.! Believe me it is 100% worth it.! Not coming to NY will be a bad decision if you are truly following professor.

Tony La
10 out of 10 - Highly Recommend!

January mentorship was a powerful way to start off the new year!

The classes are deep, digestible, and by the last day, everyone has that “ah ha!” moment, where everything connects. And you can witness the methods working, live - with your own eyes, as the market’s open.

I’m totally new to trading. And I just followed the formula:
-Free course, as an introduction to this game. To see what I’m getting myself into.
- Purchase Book - to learn the vocabulary of this world.
- Mentorship - when I was 100% ready to commit to this life and do my very best. And for that, you’ve got to have a mentor.

The Professor is amazing. He really is a pro in both trading; and more importantly, teaching.
He set up the class to be interactive and inclusive. So even quiet students (like myself) feel like we can participate comfortably.

The best part was the fellow mentorship students. There were people from all walks of life. People that traveled from all around the world. People with big accounts, and people with small accounts.

None of that mattered because we were all there for a common goal. To be better people, and to make money. To live the lifestyle we choose.

We were all the same to the Professor. And I am honored to have met such wonderful people!

One Strategy
One Mentor
One God

The most important fundamentals you'll ever need in your journey

Went to the class in November 2022, learned some of the most important fundamentals along with the best strategies that I use till today .. anyone can say they're a trader , but not everyone can say they're a consistent trader .. becoming a consistent trader is what you take away with you with this course. Thanks to the professor I am a consistent trader today . Changed my life . Thank you professor you were right .

Jason Kelly
Best investment you can make!

One of the best investments I have made. The professor is a great teacher, the way he explains everything just makes sense. He doesn’t over complicate things, and really cares about your success. If you want to learn how to trade or even be some a better trader, this class is for you. You will not regret this purchase. Take action! Don’t be a watcher!

Ashraf Ahmed
10/10 Experience

Review title says it all. What an amazing experience. Professor shows you step by step on what you need to focus on and helps clear out the noise. Professor is always available for his mentorship students whenever we need anything. Like others have mentioned pay once and you can join as many times as you want in the future. Would definitely recommend!